About my Self & Foundry :

  • What is your full name?

    My full name is Dexsar Harry Anugrah

  • What is Majestype or Dexsar Harry Fonts?

    Both is my foundry but Dexsar Harry Fonts is now still vacuum and now i'm working as Majestype.

  • What is your hobby?

    My hobby is Design Typeface, Lettering, Photography, Guitar & Gym.

  • Where are you from?

    I'm from a nice city of Indonesia that is Makassar City, South Sulawesi.

Work With Me

  • Hi, Dexsar are you available for freelance work and how much would you charge?

    Yes, just mail to dexsarharryfonts@gmail.com and we can discuss it.

  • Hi, Dexsar what work you do?

    I can do make a logotype, fonts, mockup & texture.

About The Download Link & Item

  • I just purchased your item but not yet received the download link, How do i get it?

    Please, check your PayPal email on INBOX or SPAM folder, it should be there. But, if not contact me: dexsarharryfonts@gmail.com.

  • Is it the download link has access limits?

    Yes, the download link that can be clicked only 3x, after that it will expire automatically. If you still need the download link again, just contact me: dexsarharryfonts@gmail.com. with your transaction id

About FONT & OpenType Feature

  • How to access the all glyph on your font?

    Visit this link http://majestype.com/blog/ or search on youtube with keyword "How To Access OpenType Feature"